13 Needles Needle Scaler

  • For removing rust, paint, impurities, scales...on metals, woods, cement or other hard objects
  • Mini size, straight& handy, easily reach to narrow, cinfined space, meticulous work piece
  • Low vibration & low sound pressure benefits to smooth operations
  • It can be held like a pencil for easier handling. Detail of surface cleaning work
  • It can be handling the cleaning work of details moew reliably, and will not huet smaller parts 

Blow Per Min. 3000
Piston Stroke 24 mm
Needle (Dia. / Length) 1.4 mm / 6 cm
Air Inlet 1/4"
Air Hose I.D 3/8" (10 mm)
Overall Length 235.6 mm
Avg. Air Consumption 1.7 cfm (48.1 L/min)
Noise Level 89 dBA
Net Weight 0.6 KGS