HSUTECH ENTERPRISE CO. LTD was founded in 2006, we have been strived and hard at work to bring the best tool technology into the market and continue introducing the latest air tools, auto tools and hand tools advancements to our overseas customers. Tools from HSUTECH have been strictly tested to hold up to the rigors and demands of today's automotive & industrial markets.

With more than 27 years experience in the professional markets, very strong industrial tool manufacturers support to provide high quality tools at very competitive pricing,which is our priority task. Contact HSUTECH now, you will have all quality tools with best tool technology in your hands.

Warranty policy
Our tools are warranted for a period of 1 year from the B/L date. Our responsibility under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts or tool. However, we reserve the right to determine whether the parts or tools failed due to the defective material, workmanship or other factors. Defected tools caused by improper use, misuse, any alteration and incorrect repairs are not covered by this warranty.

Please read this instruction manual carefully before use the air tool.

- Always wear eye protection an protective clothing / equipment to avoid injuries.
- Pay attention, that the operation pressure never exceeds over 100 psi (7 bar ).
- Only use correct, unworn impact- proof sockets
- Do not use pneumatic tools in explosive atmosphere
- For sufficient tool performance make sure that the correct hose-size and fittings are used when connecting the tool
- Disconnect the tool from the air-supply before changing accessories or when not in use.
- Never carry the tool by the hose.
- Do not touch moving parts
- Keep tool away from your body while working
- Always wear ear protection
- Check air hose connections
- Only disconnect the machine without pressure of the air to avoid infractions by uncontrollable movement of the air hose.

Symptom: Tool runs slowly down or doesn’t work
Possible causes and corrective action
1. Grit or gum in motor set- Drop diesel oil from air inlet to flush motor set and then drop special oil for air compression tools to lubricate it
2. Low air pressure - Check air compressor pressure gauge and adjust the regulator.
3. Dry or rusty motor set - Lubricate the tool with special oil for air compression tool
4. Worn ball bearing – Send it to service station for repairing.

Symptom: Reduced torque
Possible cause and corrective action
1. Lack of lubrication – Lubricate the tool
2. Regulator set in wrong position – Adjust the regulator to correct position
3. Low pressure- Check the pressure of air inlet to see if it is at correct pressure 7 bar
4. Worn impact mechanism - send it to service station for repairing.

Symptom: Self- running
Possible cause and Corrective action
Trigger system: Valve stem can’t remove back, rusty or deformed steel ball or rusty or cracked spring- send it to service station for repairing .

Symptom: Moisture blowing out of tool
Possible cause and Corrective action
1. Water in tank – Drain air tank. Oil tool and run until no water is evident. Oil tool again and run 1-2 seconds.
2. Water in the air lines/ hose – Install a water separator / filter. Note: separator only work properly when the air passing through the separator is cool. Locate the separator / Filter as far as possible from the compressor. Install an air dryer.